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The Franciscans of Halifax are a non-profit organization registered with the CRA since 2007. We are a group of religious Brothers and Sisters, trying to answer to our vocation and living the Gospel in our daily lives. We serve in the Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth as a public association of the faithful with Archbishop Anthony Mancini and the elected moderator of the Franciscans governing us.

In August 2018, the Circle of Care (non-profit distributions of furniture to those in need) that was run by Hector and Margie Muise for many years and that served many families closed. The question asked was: could we continue this outreach serving the less fortunate.

After a long discernment of how the Franciscans could maintain this ministry, Fr.Peter Hanna and Fr. Nathanael Desroches have taken on this ministry and have been operating out of St. Anthony’s parish hall basement, 27 Farrell St. Dartmouth, continuing in what Circle of Care was about. “As freely as the donations come in we distribute them to those in need at no cost”.

We operate on Mondays and Fridays only, as we serve in our parishes the other days. If you have a need please don’t hesitate to call or email in order to set up a delivery time.

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