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If you would like to contact the Franciscans of Halifax, you can do so by leaving a message in the form below and we'll respond as soon as we can.

You can get in touch with us in person at one of our Masses at Saint Catherine of Siena Parish, 6476 Bayers Road, Halifax (see map below). We are there every Saturday morning at 9am and Sunday at 7pm and we would love to meet you!  

We'd also love to connect with you through our community youtube channel, where you can find videos that are formational and hopefully inspirational. Feel free to leave a comment to connect with us that way as well!

Do you have a prayer request? Share it with us and we will intercede for you.

Thank you for your email!

When Donating, it will prompt you to fill in our 'Organization Name'. 
Please use:
Franciscans of Halifax Society

Thank you for your financial contribution!

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