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Love of Creation

By Sr Bernadette, FOH

I have always loved nature and being outside, and anyone who knows me will know this to be true. I think that is partly why I feel so blessed to be a Franciscan. Saint Francis was given the gift to see God in all of creation, from the smallest flower to our great sister moon. Creation, the beauty of creation has always left me in awe and wonder. I was blessed at a very young age to be shown the beauty of nature in all its wonder by my parents who always taught us the value and importance of it. It is there- deep in the woods or in a vast field of wheat or climbing a high mountain or canoeing on a lake- that I experience and witness the great love that God has for each one of us. I find it so easy to get lost looking at a ‘simple’ leaf, though it is far from ‘simple’. Have you ever taken a minute to truly look and see all the fine details in a ‘simple’ leaf? It is fragile, yet strong, life-giving and essential for the tree; it is necessary for the life of the tree. Have you ever seen two leaves that are identical? This is because there are none that are! Each is unique and special, like God’s love for each one of us. The detail of it all blows me away but what is even more amazing is that God created this beauty for us. When I get the opportunity to venture into creation, I always find myself surrounded by the love God has for me and know it to be a true love, a love that will never leave me no matter what. It is because of this great love that I find myself able to finally let go of all those negatives things that cling to me and prevent me from entering more fully into this great love. It is where I find Him.


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