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Communion in the Church

By Sr Angela, FOH

This weekend we had the blessing of witnessing a wonderful event in the life of the Church. One of our brothers, Br Nathanael Desroches, was ordained to the priesthood on the Feast of St Anthony, June 13th. The celebration was made truly beautiful with gorgeous music, solemn liturgy, a great homily from our Bishop, the presence of many priests and deacons, and all in place to make the liturgy a memorable one.

One of the most surprising and encouraging sights was the hundreds of faithful people who filled the pews of the Basilica to show their enthusiasm and support for this young, new priest. It was amazing to watch from the choir loft as the opening hymn began, and the people’s spontaneous applause broke out as Br Nathanael entered the Church in procession with the deacons and priests. It struck me how wonderful a moment this was in the Church, witnessing people’s hearts alight with hope for our Church and for the priesthood.

As we entered then the Feast of the Trinity on Sunday, it seemed even more appropriate that we had gathered on Thursday in a moment representing the whole Church, the whole Body of Christ in mutual support and love of one another. The laity in spiritual support and encouragement of the priests, deacons and Bishops; and the clergy in service and support of the faithful. People from all different places, ages and backgrounds are welcomed and called by Christ into His flock. A sort of communion could be experienced there which has as its center the true Community: the Trinity. I pray that we all hold on to this hope and light, and continue to cultivate in our hearts and lives this unity within the whole Body of Christ- the Church.


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