Franciscan Life

From the time of St. Francis, the Franciscan charism has always been to live the Gospel, namely to "observe the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, living in obedience, without anything of their own and in chastity." (Rule, 1)  
Two traits characterize the true Franciscan:
love for the Incarnate Word of God and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. (cf. Admonitions, 1)
We follow St Francis, who followed Christ closely. As Christ chose to be in this world Poor, Chaste and Obedient, so our three evangelical counsels (the vows we take) are to live in Poverty, Chastity and Obedience.

As Franciscans, we profess the Rule of St. Francis and we look to St. Francis

& St. Clare as our models

and patrons.

Read on to learn about our community, and those brothers and sisters who live 
Active Life Contemplative Life, and our Associates.

Active Life

Celebrating Sacraments
Outreach Ministry
BBQ in the rain
Parish Ministry
Ministry through Music
Ministry at Veritas Book Store
Dinner for Haiti
Brothers doing the dishes
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The Active brothers and sisters dedicate themselves and strive for the perfection of charity in their fraternal life and service to the Church, according to the Franciscan charism, and service to anyone that God’s providence may send to them. In this way they serve the Kingdom of God on Earth and they are a sign of the heavenly glory to come, to the honour of God, the building up of the Church and the salvation of the world.


Contemplative Life

The Franciscans of Halifax, in both Contemplative and Active Life, serve the Local Church, working in the name of the Church as they are mandated to, serving its spiritual and pastoral needs. Those who live as Contemplatives offer their life in silence to intercede in prayer for the Universal Church, the Local Church and their Active brothers and sisters. The contemplative members of our community have a particular call to foster a practice of personal prayer, as prayer is their specific call and ministry.


Celebrating together
Professing Promises
Marian & Donna
Renewal of Promises
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The Associates of the Franciscans of Halifax are members of the Christian faithful who profess the promises of obedience, chastity and simplicity.

They live in the world, having discerned the call to be consecrated to God according to the spirit of St Francis of Assisi, in the understanding of the Franciscans of Halifax.

They strive for the perfection of charity and seek to contribute to the sanctification of the world, especially from within, living in a single state and outside of a community or a fraternity. Like leaven, an associate strives to imbue all things with the spirit of the Gospel for the strengthening and growth of the Body of Christ, the Church.

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