Franciscan Cards

Have a look through our beautiful selection of cards for every season. The front of each blank card features a photograph taken personally by one of the Franciscan sisters or brothers.

They are beautiful for Christmas, Easter, Sacraments, Feast Days or for

any celebration.

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#1 Stain Glass
#2 St Francis
#3 Snow Tree
#4 Chalice
#5 St Anne
#6 Ceiling
#7 St Clare Chapel
#8 Annunciation
#9 Ave Maria
#10 Winter Scene
#11 Frozen Berries
#12 Golden Mary
#13 Oratory
#14 Ice Tree
#15 Presentation
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You can order cards individually for $2.50 

or in bundles of 5 for $10.

If you have questions, or to place your order, please send us a message with your Name, E-mail and the numbered cards that you'd like. 

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